Rural India

What comes in your mind when you hear the term ‘Rural India’?Contrasting pictures play in the mind i am sure.

Definition of rural will vary from one group to another from one organization to another. Villagers comprise the core of rural India.
Gandhi aptly said  “India lives in its villages” but not before experiencing rural hinterland after arriving in India from South Africa.

7 lakh villages that means 70% of the country’s consumer population comprise of Rural India. 

Still just for the sake of it, would mention official word on ‘rural’ for a clear perspective.
The “rural sector” means any place as per the “latest census(External website that opens in a new window)” which meets the following criteria,

  • A population of less than 5,000
  • Density of population less than 400 per sq km and
  • more than “25 per cent of the male working population” is engaged in agricultural pursuits.

In general, a rural area or countryside is a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities.

Every individual, every organization both private and government defines and look at ‘rural’ as per their own convenience. I would like to look at ‘rural’ in terms of it’s human population,food, culture/traditions.

Since i worked in Indian rural market in the past and my travels off late took me to far flung places i would like to showcase rural from my experiences and hopefully you as my beloved reader will see ‘rural’ with same vision.