A Photo essay from the Barot valley, Himachal Pradesh

barot road sign

A journey out of frustration from big city Delhi Life with no planning or itinerary. Turns out to be the best one so far and the love for mountains and mountain villages continues.

Let me take you on a visual journey through this photo essay across the landscape and lifestyle of the region.

Sit back and relax and experience the visual retreat


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river stream in barot vally photo essay

Water is the driver of nature. Sit near a river stream and experience live music from nature.



The day when there was nothing around but rain clouds embracing tall, majestic deodhars.

It was as if a white carpet has been laid out to welcome the Gods

clouds in the mountains, photo essay

Soul remains in the mountains. Mind wanders in the mountains




river stream in Barot valley

Cotton candy clouds playing hide and seek with the sunlight. River Uhl is like a necklace flowing through the Barot Valley




sunny day in the mountains

The valley looks colorful in the bright sunshine with clouds providing texture to the environment




photo essay showcasing sunset in the mountains

A normal morning scene up in the mountains. When normal is so fascinating, mind blowing you would want to experience it every day.






mountain woman with her baby in the village

This kid is enjoying the best comfort in the whole world.



On a trek to a remote village, I encountered these hard-working women sorting out cauliflowers from the crates.
Can you notice the big size of these cauliflowers (all organic)?
Life is hard in mountains. These women survive in difficult situations but they remember to enjoy small moments.

cauliflower season in barot

Do not be wary. Please enjoy these organic vegetables




relaxed life of the villagers in the mountains

Far from the worry of the urban life




local villagers transport vegetables through cables in the mountains

Slow life at it’s best. Local villagers transport vegetables through cables in the mountains







Modern design scheme can now easily be seen on the mountain homes. Traditional wooden houses with authentic designs are fighting for survival amidst the attack of modern development.

traditional mountain wooden home in barot

Eye catching design of traditional mountain home.



These household crafts remind me of my childhood days. Women used to create these amazing designs and place them.

Women used to create these amazing designs and place them over empty bottles and voila showpiece was ready. While urban households have gone drastic makeover but village homes are still holding it together.

traditional art and craft in the homes of the villagers

The good old charm of decorations in the traditional Indian households



Mountain Gods (devta) are an integral part of the local culture in the mountains. They enjoy a unique position in the society. Almost every village has their own devta. Most of the temple authority does not allow leather based products on the premises.

many temples in the mountain villages. entrance of a hill top temple

Entrance to the temple high up on the hill




Feeling hungry? Care for some organic kidney beans straight from the field? As fresh as it can get.

organic food grown in the mountain villages

Traditional kidney beans, rich in flavor n taste.



I hope you went on a journey with me through these photos.

I enjoyed reproducing them here on the blog as much as I enjoyed in making these images.

Would you like to see more photo essays? Let me know in the comment section.


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