Genesis of my love for travel 2

Travel, we all love this word, don’t we? Ever wondered why we humans have legs? Primarily to enables us to move from one location to another, to travel places. Could be the reason that everyone loves travelling in one form or another. Everyone wants to go out from the routine and have a fresh perspective.

I also belong to the same category of people for whom love for travelling came naturally, although realized it very late.

The fact that I was shifting bases during childhood made me change schools many a time and thus exposing me to variety of people, language, food. We used to travel via trains and I never got bored of it. Long waiting hours of trains, biding time at platforms, I used to love it.  May be I was comfortable in travel right from the beginning but I realized it till few years back only.

Call it luck! My first job made me travel to rural hinterland of the country especially north India. My interaction there with local villagers, farmers made me understand their issues, our varied culture in a much better way.

As i was travelling during my work schedule and always bogged down by target numbers, living in a pressure cooker situation there was feeling of suffocation while on foot exploring the mesmerizing countryside of this beautiful country

Traveling without work motive, every step i took created a new meaning opened a new dimension. Travel opened my senses and certainly opened new horizons for me.

Being with me on this journey, I certainly hope you will experience the same.

About amit kagra

Having traveled across length and breadth of the rural hinterland of the country understanding consumer psychology comes naturally to me. Cross-Cultural communication specialist, avid traveler, travel photographer

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