Back2routes pronounced as Back2Roots, uses the medium of  Photography to  experience life in the simplest of the ways, with emphasis on traditional lifestyle, food habits and appreciating mother-nature.

Earlier more emphasis was laid on human relationships; now it is laid on technological relationships. The latter is for giving out opinions and getting contributions from like-minded personalities. We need to sit back, relax and move ahead,and kee the rear view mirror in mind.

We all have been shaped and conditioned to think, behave and lead our lives in a set pattern. Look around, what all will you see? Feelings of discontent, stressed out lives and rat races to earn more and more money, so that one can enjoy luxuries of life on monthly installments.

The practice of accumulating more than what we need, is creating unwanted heaviness in our lives. Yes, we have progressed really well; the quality of human life has also improved tremendously, but with all this progress, we continuously see and experience decline in peace and harmony among individuals and society at large.

We all look for ways to find peace in this chaos. We all are living too fast; we just need to slow down on our quests (whatever they may be). These are desperate times; we need to give time to ourselves. This can only happen if one goes out and moves from the clutches of daily routine and experiences small things in around and life in itself. We need to go slow down to enjoy small things around us. We need to experience that feeling of minimalist lifestyle without ditching our belongings (well, some you may have to).

Travel is probably the most effective way one can achieve all that is mentioned above. But the big question is – are we travelling the way we are supposed to? Most of us act as tourists when we visit different places. We take our life/work/tensions with us when we travel and thus, lose the very essence of travel. A traveler experiences little things that come with travel – local culture, local food, interaction with the locals etc. How does a traveler do it? Well, he throws away guide books and those boring, tight spaced itineraries.

I am certainly not a writer in a technical sense, but this is my humble attempt to take you on a sensory journey through back2routes.

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