Are we travelling the way we should?


Are we travelling the way we should?

We as human beings are meant to seek out, to explore our surroundings. We as humans have been given two legs for a purpose., not to stuck at one place but to travel and experience life. Forget the nitty gritty but all have inherent desire to travel. With the advancement of technology and our instinctive desire to explore and experience we humans have explore uncharted territories, expanded our footprints to unknown land. All this happened of our desire to explore and that was made possible only through travel.

As an individual personality we all are egoistic in one way or another. Problem is we carry our ego when we travel and thus the start of issues or problems we face during travel. We take bucket load of ego, stress, work from office to our travel destinations and thus spoiling the whole meaning and pleasure of travelling.

But the big central question is, we travelling the way we are supposed to?

Modern fast paced lifestyles certainly do not give us liberty to enjoy travel in its purest of form. We have fixed itineraries, plan to do million things on our vacation as a result we end up returning back home with tired body and even more hectic schedule of travel with places to visit all crammed up in our schedule.

Aren’t we supposed to relax and enjoy our vacation, the whole experience? The problem lies in the manner we approach our travel.

No doubt travel opens up our mind, shapes our thinking, our personality.
“Ditch that tourist mentality and become a traveler”


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Having traveled across length and breadth of the rural hinterland of the country understanding consumer psychology comes naturally to me. Cross-Cultural communication specialist, avid traveler, travel photographer

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