Amit Kagra

amit kagra


Travel Photographer.  Challenging Lazy Assumptions. Avid traveler



How can i be resourceful to you?

  • Need Travel Photography Guidance?
  • Need assistance on travelling in India?
  • Want to explore Traditional lifestyle of India?
  • Looking to visit Indian villages, Need a guidance on Indian rural hinterland?


You have come to the right man.

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A half Monk life for more than a decade and Rural Marketing professional in corporate job.


Led a life with a foot in New Delhi and a butt in hinterland of the country (India). Also my work took me to the vast countryside and I was fascinated by the rustic nature of the hinterland. Simplicity of the human life in small place is what i find attractive the most.

Sustainable way of living is another aspect that drives me.

Constantly looking for ways to combine sustainable living, responsible travel and photography in one way or another.